Ubuntu in a Box

You should automatically return back to the Virtual Box Manager Front Page. Let’s tweek your VM a little bit (explanations here). Select your machine (Ubuntu_CC in my case) and click Settings (figure 7).

Figure 7: Click on Settings.

Go to System>Processor and increas the number of Processors to two or more. Enable PAE/NX under Extended Features (see figure 8).

Tab Processor
Figure 8: Increase number of processors and enable PAE/NX.

Switch to the tab Acceleration and check if both Enable VT-x/ AMD-V and Enable Nested Paging is selected under Hardware Virtualization (see figure 9).

System Acceleration
Figure 9: Check if hardware virtualization is enabled.

Now change to tab Display>Screen and increase your Video Memory to maximum, Enable 3D Acceleration and Enable 2D Acceleration (see figure 10).

Increase your video memory and enable 3D  and 2D acceleration.
Figure 10: Increase your video memory and enable 3D  and 2D acceleration.

To exchange data between guest and host, I recommend that you create a shared folder in the Shared Folders tab. Click on Adds new shared folder (see figure 11).

Add new shared folder
Figure 11: Add a new shared folder.

Enable Auto-mount and choose Folder Path>Other , to add a shared folder (see figure 12).

Choose Folder Path
Figure 12: Choose Folder Path.

Mine’s called “transit” and is located in the documents folder, but you may like to create a new one with a different name in a different place (see figure 13). Select it, and click OK to add your folder.

Shared Folder
Figure 13: Select or create your shared folder

Go to the Strage tab, click on your Empty Controller: IDE, set a tick at Live CD/DVD and click on Choose a virtual optical disk … and then Choose Virtual Optical Disk File.  Click OK. (see figure 14).

Choose virtual optical file
Figure 14: Choose virtual optical file.

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