Ubuntu in a Box

Your machine settings should resemble those in  figure 15. Now you’re ready to install Ubuntu. Click on Start.

Overview VM settings
Figure 15: Overview VM settings.

After a little while, you should see something similar to figure 16. Click Install Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Installation Screen
Figure 16: Install Ubuntu.

Choose your keyboard layout and click Continue (see figure 17).

Choose Keyboard Layout
Figure 17: Choose kayboard layout.

Select Normal installation, Download updates while installing Ubuntu and Install third-party software. Click Continue (see figure 18).

Ubuntu Updates
Figure 18: Select the normal installation, enable to download updates  and install third-party software.

You can Erase disk and install Ubuntu – It’s safe. Click Install Now (see figure 19).

Installation Type
Figure 19: Erase disk and install Ubuntu.

A wild confirmation pop up appears (see figure 20). Click Continue.

Confirmation Pop Up
Figure 20: Confirm to write the changes to disk.

Choose your time zone (see figure 21). Click Continue.

Time Zone
Figure 21: Choose your time zone.

Finally, fill in the user data (see figure 22). Click Continue.

User Data
Figure 22: Fill in your user data.

Yeah, Ubuntu is getting installed on your virtual machine (see figure 23).

Ubuntu Installation Screen
Figure 23: Finally, the Ubuntu installation screen.

After the installation is finished, you can restart your machine (see figure 24). Click Restart Now.

Installation Complete
Figure 23: Installation complete.

Navigate to Devices>Optical Drives>Remove disk from virtual drive and remove the Ubuntu disk image (see figure 25). Press Enter.

Remove Image
Figure 25: Remove the Ubuntu Disk Image.

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