Ubuntu in a Box

After the reboot, you should see your login screen. Click on your name an click Sign In (see figure 26).

Sign In
Figure 26: Sign in with your credentials.

Click your way through the welcome screen (see figure 27).

Welcome Screen
Figure 27: Select or skip the options.

You are almost done. Now you should enable guest additions. You will need to install a few packages to do this. Open a terminal with ctrl + alt + t (see figure 28) and type:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Confirm with your password (the password entry is not displayed) and hit enter. You may be ask to install updates (see figure 29). Hit enter.

Apt-get Update Upgrade
Figure 29: Update your repositories and packages.

Install packages to translate source code and compile kernel by typing:

sudo apt install build-essential dkms

Hit enter and confirm the installation of the depencies (see figure 30).

Apt-get Build Essentials DKMS
Figure 30: Install build-essential and dkms package

In the tab Devices click on Insert Guest Additions CD Image… (see figure 31).

Insert Guest Additions
Figure 31: Insert Guest Additions.

Run the automatical installation of guest additions (see figure 32).

Run Guest Additions Installation
Figure 32: Run guest additions installation.

Type your password and Authenticate (see figure 33).

Figure 33: Authenticate.

Wait until the installation process is finished, the press enter (see figure 34).

Terminal Guest Additions Installation
Figure 33: Wait, then close the window.

Eject Guest Additions virtual disk (see figure 35).

Eject Guest Additions
Figure 35: Eject Guest Additions.

Restart your machine. After reboot you should be able to see your shared folder on the desktop, use the shared clibboard and change the screen size dinamically (see figure 36). Avoid to use the shared drag and drop feature, it slows your machine down.

VM with Guest Additions
Figure 36: Your VM with Guest Additions.

Congratulations, you’ve set up your virtual machine!

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